Affordable Housing: Where is the Opportunity?

Heather Diemer - Monday, January 14, 2019
For many, a home in Chester County is simply out of reach. In order to attract and retain workforce talent close to suburban employment centers, we need a solution. The lack of affordable workforce housing in our area has become a hot topic getting the attention it needs. Back in December, I attended the Chester County 2020 and County Planning Commission’s presentation on affordable housing. Kudos to Brian O’Leary, Executive Director of the Chester County Planning Commission; Lisa Moore and Nate Echeverria of Historic Kennett Square; Sarah Peck of Progressive New Homes; and Jason Duckworth from Arcadia Land Company for sharing an informative presentation on the growing affordability gap of workforce housing within Chester County. What are some municipalities doing  [Read more] 

Is It Time to Garden Yet?

Heather Diemer - Monday, January 07, 2019
If you are like me, you can’t help but want to get your yard and garden back to the glory days of warmer weather. Unfortunately, our growing zones in the northeast do not comply with this wish! Therefore, I have come up with some options to help sooth my gardening soul during the winter months. First check out your USDA hardiness zone ( and then start planning for the spring. Most important, is the last expected frost date. Here is a Frost Date Chart for reference: Zone Last Frost Date First Frost Date 1 July 16-31 August 1-15 2 June 8-21 September 8-21 3 May 8-2 [Read more] 

Know Your Boundaries

Heather Diemer - Monday, January 07, 2019
Whether it is an industrial, commercial, or residential property, the location of the property boundary is one of first things an owner should know. Have you ever wondered exactly where your property boundaries are? Many people who own property do not know where their property ends and their neighbors begins. They tend to rely on hearsay from others (i.e. former owners, neighbors, or realtors) who inform them of the boundary limits. ‘The corner is over near that tree’, ‘There was a marker near that bush but I dug it out when I planted it’, ‘I was told the corner is the utility pole’, ‘I have just followed the mow line,’ are all very common answers when someone is asked where their boundaries are located. Why should I b [Read more] 

7 Fall Lawn Care Tips to Do Right Now

Heather Diemer - Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Wow, fall came fast and furious! We just had the first frost. Time to get your property all ready for the winter months ahead to assure a beautiful spring! Here are some great tips to help you get your yard ready for the cold. Hold on though… we have something for all those gardeners out there who are already planning for the spring! 1. Aerate and dethatch the lawn Perforating your lawn with small holes reduces compaction that restricts root growth and allows water, oxygen, and fertilizer to more easily reach the soil. 2. Apply a dose of fertilizer and weed preventer An application of fertilizer before winter arrives will allow your lawn to soak up essential nutrients to recover from the summer heat. Come spring your lawn will be rejuvenated.  [Read more] 

Equus Capital plans spec office building

Heather Diemer - Thursday, October 04, 2018
A rendering of 675 E. Swedesford Road - D2 Groups Equus Capital Partners is proposing to develop a five-story, 145,000-square-foot office building at the corner of Swedesford Road and Old Eagle School Road in Tredyffrin that will be a little unconventional. It will be made using mass timber. Not only that, it will be built on speculation with no tenants lined up to fill the space — something seldom done with an office building because of the risk involved with such an undertaking. The idea to use mass timber as one of the main elements in the building came from Equus’ new headquarters at Ellis Preserve in Newtown Square. A range of materials were used in the building including reclaimed wood from a project Equus is doing in Reading. D2 Group designed th [Read more] 

Best Bulbs for Fall Planting

Heather Diemer - Thursday, October 04, 2018
Do you like to plan ahead? Fall is a great time for planting ahead, especially spring-flowering bulbs. Bulb planting season starts once your soil temperature reaches about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, you may wonder what am I going to do, take my soils temperature! Well, you don’t have too. There are other ways to gauge when it is the right time for fall bulb planting: Nighttime temperatures average between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit Fall foliage has moved just past its peak Crickets no longer chirp Squirrels are digging as fast as they can Birds start to group and depart The air smells of wood smoke It’s not great to plant too early, but it really isn’t a big deal if you plant your bulbs a little late. O [Read more] 

What is Company Culture?

Heather Diemer - Friday, September 07, 2018
Written by Nave Newell’s First Impressions Officer – Danielle Lapteff This weekend, a friend of mine was talking about an upcoming job interview. He’d read that he should inquire about company culture. The problem was that he wasn’t sure what that actually meant. Even though he had worked at a few different places, none of those companies had ever made a point to focus on culture. This made me realize that before Nave Newell, none of the companies I’d worked for did either. I took a long pause, because culture is something I focus on every day at Nave Newell. From our thirty fundamentals that shape the way we handle every interaction (both internally and externally) to our Monday morning meetings where we gather as a team to discuss [Read more] 

Labyrinth Garden Design - Creating a Landscape for Prayer and Meditation

Heather Diemer - Tuesday, August 07, 2018
It has been a little over a year since the First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown dedicated their new labyrinth for prayer and meditation. What is a Labyrinth? A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that goes back almost 5,000 years and relates to wholeness and finding your center. It is a meditation and prayer tool used as a journey to find make your way go back out into the world. After all these years, they are still popular with churches and religious groups because they enable us to pause and find focus in the midst of our busy lives. They can also be found in parks, resorts, medical/hospital gardens and on educational campuses. Design Process: The First Presbyterian Church of Pottstown prayer labyrinth was designed to tie in with the Church entrance and an ex [Read more] 

When Do I Need an ALTA Survey?

Heather Diemer - Friday, July 27, 2018
Everything in life is situational, including the need for an ALTA survey. Typically ALTA surveys are performed with most real estate transactions that involve commercial, industrial, and large residential development. The reason they are performed for these types of real estate transactions is because these transactions are complex and involve a number of different parties. Whether one is involved in expansion, acquisitions, or refinancing; ALTA surveyors are highly preferred and often required by: • Lenders • Title insurers • Attorneys • Buyers At its core, an ALTA survey is a land title survey that follows the standards that were set forth by the combined efforts of the American Land Title Association an [Read more] 

The Land Development Process

Heather Diemer - Friday, July 13, 2018
Every successful land development project begins with a strong plan - a plan that is creative, buildable, and cost sensitive. It's not just a pretty picture. Here are 3 things your plan should include: 1. A comprehensive project view including potential design opportunities and constraints 2. An approvals road map to eliminate surprises 3. A buildable plan that maximizes the value of your site No one wants to return to municipal meetings month after month - because we know, TIME IS MONEY! Let our land planners and engineers put together a realistic plan for you with all 3 of these components to GET YOU ON THE ROAD TO CONSTRUCTION. Contact our land planning team today to get started!  [Read more] 

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