Affordable Housing: Where is the Opportunity?

Heather Diemer - Monday, January 14, 2019
For many, a home in Chester County is simply out of reach. In order to attract and retain workforce talent close to suburban employment centers, we need a solution. The lack of affordable workforce housing in our area has become a hot topic getting the attention it needs. Back in December, I attended the Chester County 2020 and County Planning Commission’s presentation on affordable housing. Kudos to Brian O’Leary, Executive Director of the Chester County Planning Commission; Lisa Moore and Nate Echeverria of Historic Kennett Square; Sarah Peck of Progressive New Homes; and Jason Duckworth from Arcadia Land Company for sharing an informative presentation on the growing affordability gap of workforce housing within Chester County. What are some municipalities doing  [Read more] 

Is It Time to Garden Yet?

Heather Diemer - Monday, January 07, 2019
If you are like me, you can’t help but want to get your yard and garden back to the glory days of warmer weather. Unfortunately, our growing zones in the northeast do not comply with this wish! Therefore, I have come up with some options to help sooth my gardening soul during the winter months. First check out your USDA hardiness zone ( and then start planning for the spring. Most important, is the last expected frost date. Here is a Frost Date Chart for reference: Zone Last Frost Date First Frost Date 1 July 16-31 August 1-15 2 June 8-21 September 8-21 3 May 8-2 [Read more] 

Know Your Boundaries

Heather Diemer - Monday, January 07, 2019
Whether it is an industrial, commercial, or residential property, the location of the property boundary is one of first things an owner should know. Have you ever wondered exactly where your property boundaries are? Many people who own property do not know where their property ends and their neighbors begins. They tend to rely on hearsay from others (i.e. former owners, neighbors, or realtors) who inform them of the boundary limits. ‘The corner is over near that tree’, ‘There was a marker near that bush but I dug it out when I planted it’, ‘I was told the corner is the utility pole’, ‘I have just followed the mow line,’ are all very common answers when someone is asked where their boundaries are located. Why should I b [Read more] 

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