When Do I Need an ALTA Survey?

Heather Diemer - Friday, July 27, 2018
Everything in life is situational, including the need for an ALTA survey. Typically ALTA surveys are performed with most real estate transactions that involve commercial, industrial, and large residential development. The reason they are performed for these types of real estate transactions is because these transactions are complex and involve a number of different parties. Whether one is involved in expansion, acquisitions, or refinancing; ALTA surveyors are highly preferred and often required by: • Lenders • Title insurers • Attorneys • Buyers At its core, an ALTA survey is a land title survey that follows the standards that were set forth by the combined efforts of the American Land Title Association an [Read more] 

The Land Development Process

Heather Diemer - Friday, July 13, 2018
Every successful land development project begins with a strong plan - a plan that is creative, buildable, and cost sensitive. It's not just a pretty picture. Here are 3 things your plan should include: 1. A comprehensive project view including potential design opportunities and constraints 2. An approvals road map to eliminate surprises 3. A buildable plan that maximizes the value of your site No one wants to return to municipal meetings month after month - because we know, TIME IS MONEY! Let our land planners and engineers put together a realistic plan for you with all 3 of these components to GET YOU ON THE ROAD TO CONSTRUCTION. Contact our land planning team today to get started!  [Read more] 

Meet New Hires - Cory and Christina

Heather Diemer - Thursday, July 12, 2018
We are excited to introduce Cory Christian, PE who has joined Nave Newell as a project engineer. Like most engineers, Cory was always good at math, but it was helping his dad (a landscape architect), where he was introduced to land development design. A 2013 graduate of Drexel University, Cory grew up just outside of Lancaster and has 5 years of experience working on land development projects in the Philadelphia Region. He recently bought a house in Phoenixville and enjoys spending time with his family, doing yardwork and playing volleyball. As a new dad, Cory was attracted to the (http://www.navenewell.com/nave_newell_way.htm)Nave Newell Way (http://www.navenewell.com/nave_newell_way.htm), particularly Fundamental #26 - Keep Family First. We are happy to welcome Cory, and t [Read more] 

Under Construction: Mixed-Use Development in Downtown Kennett

Heather Diemer - Friday, July 06, 2018
Construction is moving along at Cannery Row, a mixed-use infill redevelopment project that straddles the border of Kennett Borough and Township. The buildings, curbs, parking and sidewalks are in and the interior fit-out is underway. About the Project Formerly the Sunny Dell Foods Mushroom Cannery, the project design complements the architectural vernacular and historic feel of the Borough. Located adjacent to Magnolia Place and Victory Brew Pub, this redevelopment is a key component to the borough’s growing and thriving downtown. The development plan includes a natural foods grocery store, gourmet breakfast/diner/bruncherie, wellness center, retail and office space and 14 residential apartments. Keller Williams Realty, Revolution BBJ Boxing & Fitness, Te [Read more] 

Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) Update: Positive Changes You Want to Know

Heather Diemer - Thursday, July 05, 2018
Getting your project through the City of Philadelphia approval process may be easier because of an update to the PWD Stormwater Regulations Manual (V3.1), released July 1, 2018. The updated manual has an online project portal with technical forms that are logic driven and prompt specific questions based on the information you enter - very user friendly. The new forms are already available online, and will be required after October 1. The goal for the future is to have electronic and interactive submissions, but they are not able to roll that out just yet. 3 Things You Should Know About PWD’s Update: 1. Street maintenance activities will no longer count towards the regulatory earth disturbance threshold triggering a Technical Submission. Exam [Read more] 

UPDATE on Landscapes3 - Chester County's New Comprehensive Plan

Heather Diemer - Wednesday, June 06, 2018
6/29/18 UPDATE: Review draft materials and submit comments by 7/31/18. (http://chescoplanning.org/CompPlan.cfm) Back in April, we gave an overview of the new comprehensive plan (Landscapes3) (http://www.navenewell.com/ground-level/coming-soon-to-chester-county-a-new-comprehensive-plan-landscapes3#.WxfghkgvxPY)coming to Chester County. Since then we attended a meeting led by Brian O’Leary, Executive Director of the Chester County Planning Commission (CPCC) and wanted to update everyone on the development of Landscapes3. The CCPC anticipates a population increase of 146,000 people by 2045 as well as 55,000 more homes and 80,000 more jobs. Therefore, this plan update is required to provide guidance for municipalities on growth and preservation, guide governm [Read more] 

Kennett Square’s Western Edge Flourishing as Businesses Move into Cannery Row

Heather Diemer - Thursday, May 17, 2018
This building is the first of several that is being developed in the western edge of Kennett Square, part of Cannery Row properties. FRAN MAYE – DIGITAL FIRST MEDIA The western edge of Kennett Square is about to bloom. A 5.2-acre property known as Cannery Row, which is located near the boundary between the Kennett Square Borough and Kennett Township, is nearing completion of its first phase, and already all space of the approximately 11,300 square foot building is leased. Located adjacent to Magnolia Place and Victory Brewing off of Mill Road, Cannery Row consists of ground floor commercial spaces with studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments above. A dog park, public plaza and on-site parking finish off this project that will soon offer a new walkable destinatio [Read more] 

Plants That Keep Pests Away

Heather Diemer - Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Who doesn’t love sitting outside on a nice warm evening? Those who can’t stand getting bug bites – that’s who! You could always light citronella candles and cover yourself in insect repellent. On the other hand, you could fill your outdoor space with herbs, flowers and plants that keep bugs away without chemicals. Pick up a few fun containers, some potting soil and these plants and begin to take back your yard from annoying pests. Herbs Lavender - A favorite, calming scent for many it can also be used to keep away mosquitoes and flies. Lemon Grass - This herb will repel mosquitoes, however, it is harmful to dogs so make sure they don’t eat the leaves. Mint - Not only can you use it in your tea, [Read more] 

World Landscape Architecture Month: 4 Inspirational Designers

Heather Diemer - Monday, April 23, 2018
Inspiration is everywhere and once discovered it can be the foundation for all of your designs. Our team took some time this month, World Landscape Architecture Month, to recognize an influential person in their career. Here’s what some of them had to share: Meghan Shomper’s influence comes from Dan Urban Kiley (https://tclf.org/sites/default/files/microsites/kiley-legacy/index.html) who said, “Should not the role of design be to reconnect human beings with their space on their land?” (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b9/Fountain_of_the_Great_Lakes_by_Lorado_Taft_-_Art_Institute_of_Chigao_-_2.jpg) Art Institute of Chicago, South Garden - Photo By Daderot [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons Meg shares her st [Read more] 

Under Construction: Senior Living Facility in Devon

Heather Diemer - Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Six months into construction, our senior living project along E. Conestoga Road in Tredyffrin Township is taking shape. The project includes redeveloping a 2.75 acre commercial property into a new 5-story, 193-bed Brightview Life Care Facility with exterior amenities including a street landscaping and lighting, a green roof, rooftop garden and independent living garden. Project Numbers 40,000 sf footprint, total building 182,000 gross sf 99 parking spaces, including covered parking 2 rain gardens Well landscaped with 72 deciduous trees, 47 evergreens trees, 731 shrubs, 405 perennials Stormwater Installation and Observation The existing site was void of all stormwater controls. Through the implementation and util [Read more] 

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