High-Definition Surveys

Capital Health Replacement Hospital, Hopewell Township, Mercer County, NJ

Nave Newell provided Skanska USA Building with 3D laser scanning/high-definition survey services to support construction of the new Capital Health replacement hospital in Hopewell, NJ. The $134 million project was completed in November 2011 and replaced the 112-year-old Mercer Hospital. The new 924,691 sf replacement hospital includes a 120,000 sf outpatient imaging/cancer center, 150,000 sf medical office building and a 750-car parking garage.

Nave Newell performed ten 3D laser scans of two 60,000 sf concrete floor slabs while under construction. Nave Newell then prepared Slab Elevation As-Built Plans depicting spot elevations on a 10’ x 10’ grid. The client then used the plans to verify floor flatness according to challenging flatness specifications. Nave Newell utilized 3D laser scanning technology which provided unprecedented data precision to document construction quality.

Renaissance Academy, Phoenixville Borough, Chester County, PA

Franklin Commons is an approximately 100 year-old industrial campus located in north Phoenixville that is being adaptively converted to a mixed-use educational, corporate and recreational facility. Renaissance Academy planned to redevelop approximately 104,685 sf of space in two of the existing industrial buildings for their Charter School. Given the unavailability of as-built plans of the facilities, Nave Newell was contracted to perform 3D laser scanning of the building interior and exterior.

Nave Newell generated 2D Floor plans, floor underside/ceiling plans, and 2D Exterior Elevations in AutoCAD and PDF format for use by the architects in their development of construction documents. The 3D laser scanning resulted in project time and schedule savings in providing quick and comprehensive existing conditions data for the designers.


Crate & Barrel Store, Annapolis, MD

Nave Newell used High-Definition Survey (HDS) on this redevelopment project to validate field conditions as they related to the proposed Crate & Barrel construction. This project involved demolition and construction within an active retail center. Nave Newell performed five (5) laser scans of the bounding exterior walls of the Crate & Barrel construction site, capturing exposed exterior walls, columns, footings, utilities and decks. The scans were performed post demolition / pre-construction to determine if the 33,165 sf store could be situated between the Macy’s and Lord and Taylor stores. The excavated site had various controls both horizontally and vertically. These controls were easily determined once the HDS process was complete. The scan data was merged into a point cloud and used with NavisWorks software to validate the current BIM model designed by the architect. This allowed Gilbane personnel to establish key 3D positional information based on a complete, measurable point cloud.

In addition, the laser scanning operation was controlled and tied to conventional survey methods being used for column stakeout. This provided the ability to combine precise existing features data with proposed column positions, and resulted in the discovery of construction conflicts between a proposed column and existing utility facilities. The architect modified the BIM model prior to construction, thereby reducing costly construction delays and claims.

Awards: 2009 Retail Design Competition, First Place, Retail Store Category. Sponsored by the Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal.


ALMAC North American Headquarters, Lower Salford Township, Montgomery County, PA

Nave Newell, under a leading world-class provider of construction services - Skanska USA Building, implemented 3D laser scanning / high-definition survey services for ALMAC Clinical Services ’ new $78 Million North American Headquarters project. Located on a 40 acre site in Lower Salford, Pennsylvania, the project will include a 166,600sf facility housing clinical supply warehouse/storage, packaging, shipping and receiving, and label control areas, as well as a second 75,000sf facility housing administration, communication and the network operations center.

Construction specifications require construction of the building curtain walls to be within a tolerance of 1/8”. Each wall of building was scanned, resulting in approximately 1,600’ perimeter length of building, including substrate and substrate edges, masonry walls, and expansion joints. Skanska will be using the 3D point cloud data collected from scanning to document construction accuracy.

A 5’ x 5’ grid was superimposed on the scans of the exterior walls. Nave Newell provided plans and a 3D model depicting baseline offsets from provided control lines. These measurements will then be used by others to check for conformance to construction tolerance requirements. Nave Newell’s use of the 3D laser scanning technology is providing the construction industry with unprecedented data precision for documenting construction quality.

Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Nave Newell performed 11 exterior laser scans of the former hospital’s Main Tower Building at 19th and Lombard Streets. The scan data provided architectural design support for conversion to a rehabilitation and retirement community. The scans were then registered and merged into a single point cloud.

The registered database was rotated and sectioned (or sliced) to establish orthogonal drawing planes in order to create elevation plan views. The deliverables included five building elevation drawings to be utilized for architectural design, including the generation of construction documents for window replacement, and quantity takeoffs for early and precise construction cost estimating. The elevation drawings were also used to meet the City’s building permit application requirements.


Exelon Stack Condition Assessment, Eddystone Borough, Delaware County, PA

Nave Newell laser scanned the interior and exterior shells of an existing 248 ft. high chimney stack. The scan was performed to supplement Gannett Fleming’s visual inspection and to evaluate the condition of the stack’s inner brick lining and the exterior concrete column. The 3D scan data showed cracks and displaced bricks located in areas over 100 ft. in elevation that were either dark or not visually accessible. The data also provided accurate measurements to evaluate the extent of deterioration. Exelon was provided with an inspection report and a 3D point cloud and 2D cross sections through the stack to support the results and recommendation.

Nave Newell’s use of high-definition technology allowed for greater safety in the ability to accurately measure structural deficiencies from a single, internal, ground-level scan; eliminating the need for costly inspection hoists and equipment and allowing quick, incremental inspection and analysis. The 3D data provided engineers with limitless opportunities to explore measuring and assessment techniques within their CADD environment. The comprehensive existing-condition data can also be compared with future scanning inspections as part of structural monitoring programs.


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