A Win in the House

After nearly 5 years of trips to Harrisburg, meetings with DEP and State Legislators, I am happy to report that the PA House of Representatives voted Monday 119-79 to pass House Bill 1565.  HB1565 amends the Clean Streams Law and will take much-needed steps toward improving Pennsylvania’s business climate while maintaining the pristine quality of our waterways.

Call to Action – Contact your Senator: While this is a huge success for our industry, the bill now moves onto the Senate.  The opposition is still battling hard to stop this bill.  We are urging you to support this bill as a responsible way to ensure private property rights and a sound financial future for landowners and municipalities while continuing to preserve our pristine waterways. Within the next week or so, we will be asking you to contact your State Senator. 

Check back for updates and thanks for your support!

More about House Bill 1565: 
HB 1565 would end mandatory provisions found in Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regulations (25 Pa. Code Chapter 102) requiring a 150-foot buffer on protected waterways in Pennsylvania. HB 1565 would allow us to continue to use the 150-foot buffer or any number of other Best Management Practices (BMP’s) that the PA DEP has already approved while participating in a DEP approved Forested Buffer Replanting Program. This legislation will not in any way degrade water quality in Pennsylvania, but will provide a cost-effective balance between responsible growth and environmental stewardship.

By Gregory C. Newell, PE