ADA Compliance Program

At Nave Newell, we assist our clients in taking a proactive approach to ADA compliance. We work closely with clients to identify and prioritize improvements, reduce risks and provide equal opportunity for persons with disabilities.

We developed an ADA compliance program to identify site accessibility deficiencies and help landlords design a cost-effective action plan to bring land holdings into compliance. Features evaluated for compliance include ramps, sidewalks, parking lots, accessible routes and paths of travel throughout the entire site.

Our program includes:

  • Survey of existing ADA site conditions
  • Development of an ADA analysis plan to identify existing non-compliant items
  • Prioritized list of improvements
  • Implementation plan
  • Cost estimates
  • Development of construction plans and coordination with contractors
  • Final site evaluation to ensure improvements were built properly

While implementing compliance measures cannot guarantee zero suits, it can certainly reduce your exposure and make your site more welcoming to your potential tenants and customers. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

We have developed a unique ADA compliance program that has been implemented at over 200 retail stores and commercial sites throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.


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