Are Locals Sewers Reaching Capacity?

In some cases, the answer is yes. 

Sewer infrastructure doesn’t always receive the attention of roads. People complain about potholes and they get fixed, but sewer systems are unseen and often forgotten until there’s an issue.

Many systems both in the city and suburbs are reaching capacity. In Bucks County, a connection management plan has been developed for the Neshaminy Interceptor. This limits the amount of EDU’s available to surrounding municipalities.

Less widely known are problems in Delaware County, where DEP is closely monitoring multiple townships. It’s possible that a sewer moratorium could go into effect at any time and several projects are currently on hold as they sort out how to deal with conveyance issues. 

Localized problems can occasionally be identified and fixed. Larger problems may be miles long, a cost that one developer can’t absorb and septic is not always an option.

The bottom line: Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you’re going to be able to flush the toilet!

Our in-house sewer expert, Maria Goman, can help guide you through this process. As a former DEP and Chester County Health Department employee, Maria knows the ins and outs of this region when it comes to sewer. She has helped many of our clients navigate what can be a very tricky process. She can connect with the right people and ask the right questions. Contact her today!

Maria Goman
Sewer Planning Expert
[email protected]