Benefits of Using a Drone for Land Development and Construction Projects

Drone technology has had a big impact on the land development industry. We’re continually finding new ways to integrate drones into our work. While drones do produce some cool images, there are also many time and cost saving benefits. We’re sharing them with you, so you can consider drone technology for your next land development project:

A drone collects more expansive and accurate survey information, that can easily be shared

Anytime we fly a site, we have excellent orthomosaic photo, video, and mapping. These are detailed photo representations of an area, often stitched together and geometrically corrected, to be as accurate as a map. The drone collects an expansive amount of information to provide surveyors, planners, and engineers with a detailed base map for land development and construction plans. While we only process what we need at the time, the drone will often pick up features missed on a conventional survey or items not in the original scope. Having this data, potentially eliminates repeat trips to a site. Repeated trips generally mean additional costs!

While there is a huge amount of data in these surveys, technologies like NavisWorks, allow us to easily share 3D point clouds (seen below), photos, videos, and mapping information with the client and other design professionals – creating a collaborative design process.

3D point cloud

A faster deliverable turnaround

Often times, a property owner needs the project information now! The drone allows us to map certain non-wooded or unobstructed sites very quickly. Much faster than conventional survey methods. It’s a quick deployment and flight and we can have a finished product including an orthomosaic drawing and contouring for you within a day of flying the site. Time is money in today’s fast paced world!

Drone tracks construction progress and productivity

Earthmoving can be tricky and expensive. Construction and excavating companies need to keep track of how much dirt is being moved on their site.

It’s all about moving dirt – and moving it efficiently. Using a drone, surveyors capture a baseline and then visit the site periodically to calculate the volume of stockpiles and how much dirt was moved. As a result, the site superintendent has a better understanding of the material on site, progress, schedule, and productivity. They can also troubleshoot potential field and building model errors.

Have a better understanding of the volume of dirt you are moving daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever time interval you require. You can save money, save time, and keep your people working while we capture your progress!

A safer environment

Last, but certainly not least, using the drone, creates a safer environment. We can easily collect the data needed without ever stepping foot on site. We can also monitor large construction sites. Giving the manager a real-time overview to help identify potential issues or safety concerns. This is especially true on sites with difficult or dangerous terrain that may include swamps, water bodies, steep topography, high-rise buildings, and roadways. Less people on a construction site – less chance of injury!

Talk to us about how a drone can help with your next project – contact our experts!