Jim Bannon Promoted to Civil Department Manager

We are excited to announce that Jim Bannon, PE has been promoted to lead Nave Newell’s Civil Engineering Department. Jim has been at Nave Newell since 2001 when he joined the company as a staff engineer, shortly after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. Over the years, he has provided exceptional service and project management … Read more

Redeveloping Commercial Properties: What You Should Know

As 2020 comes to a close, we’re seeing more commercial real estate sites come up for sale. From office to flex space to retail pad sites, some of these are prime locations in the Philadelphia suburbs. Offering real estate developers and investors a unique opportunity. Whether you’re looking to make minor improvements or you’re tackling … Read more

Ready for a Joke? Two Engineers Walk into a Bar…

Episode 2 with Chelsea Bellay and John Eckman In our latest podcast, a fun and holiday-themed episode, Chelsea Bellay, catches up with Senior Staff Engineer, John Eckman. During the Friday afternoon chat, they talk about their careers and experiences in civil engineering. However, these aren’t your typical engineers – together they debunk some common misconceptions. Hint: Engineers don’t … Read more

Expert Program Boosts Employee Confidence and Brings Value to Clients

Let’s break apart this Nave Newell Way Fundamental and see why it’s so important to the company, our employees, and our clients. “More than anything, our clients are buying our expertise.” What do you do? The simple answer is that we take projects through the land development process. For those that don’t know, this includes … Read more

Expert Spotlight: Joe Coe

Years at Nave Newell: 3 Education: BA in Geography and Urban Studies from Temple University Expertise: I am Nave Newell’s Expert in drone technology and mapping Favorite Nave Newell Project: Natural Lands, Bryn Coed Farms in Chester County – It was a nice “office” setting to have for a few months. I saw a ton … Read more

Philadelphia Area Real Estate Development Trends From Our Perspective

Back in April, COVID’s impact on our industry was undeniable. Real estate development was put on hold. Surveyors couldn’t be out in the field. Municipal meetings weren’t taking place, and new project inquiries were almost non-existent. It was a scary time and the future was unclear. Fast forward to fall and things are looking up. … Read more

Residential Development: Past, Present, and Future

Episode 1 with Chelsea Bellay and Greg Newell The current housing market is hot and defying expectations, despite the current global pandemic. On our inaugural podcast, host, Chelsea Bellay, talks with Greg Newell about the past, present, and future of residential development. Listen to learn: The difference between the current housing boom and others in … Read more

Expert Spotlight: Jim Bannon

Years at Nave Newell: 19 Education: University of Pennsylvania – Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) Expertise: I am Nave Newell’s Expert in ADA Compliance Favorite Nave Newell Way Fundamental: #23 – Create Meaningful, Personal Relationships Family and Fun Facts Family: Michelle (wife) and Cole (dog) Favorite Vacation Destination: Key West Favorite Project: As … Read more

Frequently Asked Land Surveying Questions

Land surveys are a critical part of real estate transactions and the foundation for land development. A professional land survey gives all parties an accurate representation of the land and what can be achieved – while also resolving potential discrepancies. Many people, especially homeowners, are often not sure what type of survey they need. In … Read more

Benefits of Using a Drone for Land Development and Construction Projects

Drone technology has had a big impact on the land development industry. We’re continually finding new ways to integrate drones into our work. While drones do produce some cool images, there are also many time and cost saving benefits. We’re sharing them with you, so you can consider drone technology for your next land development … Read more