What is Company Culture?

Written by Nave Newell’s First Impressions Officer – Danielle Lapteff This weekend, a friend of mine was talking about an upcoming job interview. He’d read that he should inquire about company culture. The problem was that he wasn’t sure what that actually meant. Even though he had worked at a few different places, none of those … Read more

When Do I Need an ALTA Survey?

Everything in life is situational, including the need for an ALTA survey.   Typically, ALTA surveys are performed with most real estate transactions that involve commercial, industrial, and large residential properties. These transaction are complex and involve a number of different parties.  Whether an acquisition or refinancing; ALTA surveys are highly preferred and often required by:•    … Read more

The Land Development Process

Every successful land development project begins with a strong plan – a plan that is creative, buildable,and cost sensitive. It’s not just a pretty picture.  Here are 3 things your plan should include:1. A comprehensive project view including potential design opportunities and constraints2. An approvals road map to eliminate surprises3. Abuildable plan that maximizes the value of your site No one wants to … Read more

Meet Our New Hire – Christina

We are excited to introduce Christina Whitty a recent graduate of Widener University who joins the team as a staff engineer. We are very happy she chose Nave Newell as the place to start her engineering career and look forward to helping her learn and grow. Christina was drawn to site design engineering after taking … Read more

Under Construction: Mixed-Use Development in Downtown Kennett

Construction is moving along at Cannery Row, a mixed-use infill redevelopment project that straddles the border of Kennett Borough and Township. The buildings, curbs, parking and sidewalks are in and the interior fit-out is underway. About the Project  Formerly the Sunny Dell Foods Mushroom Cannery, the project design complements the architectural vernacular and historic feel of … Read more

Plants That Keep Pests Away

Who doesn’t love sitting outside on a nice warm evening? Those who can’t stand getting bug bites – that’s who! You could always light citronella candles and cover yourself in insect repellent. On the other hand, you could fill your outdoor space with herbs, flowers and plants that keep bugs away without chemicals. Pick up a … Read more