Deer Resistant Plants

Trying to maintain a pristine lawn is no easy task; neither is trying to make sure pests such as deer don’t eat your hard work!

Below are plant suggestions that can help deter any unwanted hungry guests, while still providing color and seasonal interest throughout your planting beds.

• Poppy – A mix of yellow, white, red and crimsons add color along walkways.
• Snapdragon – Beautiful long clusters of flowers against lush green foliage.
• Marigolds – In a variety of bold colors; ideal for pots.
• Angels Trumpet – Fragrant white flowers that seem to glow as darkness falls.

• Hyssop – Aromatic foliage ranging from apricot and deep reds, to purples and pinks.
• Sage – Shimmery blooms in a variety of colors showing from spring until frost.
• Lavender – Fragrant purple blooms with compact evergreen foliage.
• Iris – Large fragrant flowers add a bold yet delicate element to planting beds.

• Crimson Pygmy Barberry – Deep crimson colored foliage all season.
• Common Boxwood – Green foliage year round.
• Japanese Pieris – Shiny green leaves with white, purple or pink blooms.
• Northern Bayberry – Fragrant, dense foliage with white fruits.

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