Did You Know DELCORA Has a Tapping Fee?

Significant infrastructure improvements have led the Delaware County Regional Authority (DELCORA) to require planning module applicants to pay a $1,000 per EDU tapping fee prior to sewer module approval. 

However, the fee is not to be submitted until the authority has evaluated that sufficient capacity is available for the project and has determined how many EDUs the project will generate based on 262.5 gallons/EDU. 

Once DELCORA determines that sufficient capacity exists, they will issue a letter to the applicant with the tapping fee. The developer will then be required to pay the appropriate fee before the authority will approve the sewer module. This policy results in a two tiered approach to module approval by this authority which will increase processing time of the planning module.

If you have concerns about a project or would like more information, contact our Sewer Planning Expert, Maria Goman at [email protected] or 610-265-8323.