Expert Spotlight: Joe Coe

Years at Nave Newell: 3

Education: BA in Geography and Urban Studies from Temple University

Expertise: I am Nave Newell’s Expert in drone technology and mapping

Favorite Nave Newell Project: Natural Lands, Bryn Coed Farms in Chester County – It was a nice “office” setting to have for a few months. I saw a ton of wildlife, that you typically don’t get to see, and it was really cool what we were able to do out there – the amount of open space that was preserved and the new trail network. It was definitely the most fun and laid back “office” setting of my career.

Favorite Nave Newell Way Fundamental: Fundamental #17 – Embrace Change. Change is so important. You can’t keep doing the same thing. Change helps you to get out of your comfort zone and learn, which benefits you and the company. I had to embrace change to learn to fly the drone and understand the software. I had to change my perspective and it has paid off.

Family and Fun Facts

Family: Jennifer (wife), Jaelyn (daughter), and Kona (dog)

Favorite Vacation Destination: Iceland – I love it there. So much, that I went twice, once in the winter and once in the summer and it’s equally beautiful and relaxing. There is so much to see – volcanoes, glaciers, the Northern Lights. If you love nature, Iceland is easy to navigate, the people are nice, and it’s a great place to go to unwind and experience the outdoors.

Joe at the Skógafoss waterfall in the south of Iceland

Favorite Book: The Geography of Bliss – Interesting look at the happiness of people in each country and why. Note: Iceland is the happiest.

Professional Questions

What attracted you most to Nave Newell?

The Fundamentals – especially Make a Difference and Keep Family First. I remember during my interview, listening to Greg talk about them and how they’re a big part of the company’s culture. I really love how much we give back to the local community. Being able to put my family first and be there for my daughter when she needs me is so important. Many companies talk about these things, but I’m really impressed with the way Nave Newell lives it. You don’t have to stress out if you need to be there for your family.

How and why did you become an expert in the drone?

I enjoy keeping up with new technology and when something comes out, and I think it will benefit us and our clients, I want to use it. I started off getting my remote pilot certificate to allow me to fly the drone commercially. Then I had to learn the software so I could process the data and images collected.

I wanted to find a way to capture data safer and faster and the drone accomplishes that. We can send it up over difficult terrain, without ever stepping foot on site. It can also pick up so much more information. The drone creates millions of georeferenced points that we use in design. I thought if we can do this well, it will benefit both the company and our clients. We can compete better proposal-wise and we’re getting clients’ information that they may not initially request, but we already have it from our first flight – saving our clients’ money with less return trips to the field.

What do you like most about your job?

I love being outdoors and exploring new places. In my career, surveying has allowed me to travel to places I normally would have never been. I’ve surveyed as far north as New Hampshire and as far south as the Carolinas. I also like technology which this job involves a lot of new and continuously changing tools, and why I was drawn to the drone. The combination of these two things makes my job interesting. Not many people can say their office changes as much as mine does!

What are your goals for the next year?

This is just the beginning with the drone and the possibilities are endless. I keep learning more everyday. Over the next year, I look forward to learning more about what we can offer and expanding our drone services to our clients.

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