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Expert Spotlight: Sherri Daugherty

Years at Nave Newell: 24 years

Current Role: Director of Operations

Previous Roles at Nave Newell: I started out as a Receptionist, then moved into the Administration Department, then the Accounting Department, and eventually took on HR, Accounting, and Operations.  

Expertise: I am Nave Newell’s Employee Advocate. Whether it’s finding the best and most affordable health insurance plan, looking for advancement opportunities, or updating company policies to provide a better work environment, I am always focused on supporting our employees. I’ve been afforded so many opportunities at Nave Newell, and I do everything I can to provide the same for others!

Favorite Nave Newell Way Fundamental: Fundamental #4 – Make Quality Personal – everyone should take pride in everything they do and push themselves in order to continue to learn and grow.

Family and Fun Facts

Family: Steve (husband)

Favorite Way to Relax on a Weekend:

One of my favorite ways to relax is doing yard work. As crazy as it sounds, I find it very therapeutic!

During the summer, either relaxing on the beach or spending time with family and friends. I love to entertain.

During the fall, I typically spend my weekends watching football. Huge Eagles fan!

Childhood Dream Job: As a child, my dream job was to be a nurse, until I quickly realized that wasn’t going to be an option since I can’t handle the sight of blood and vomit!

Favorite Vacation Destination: Greece (Athens, Santorini Island and Mykonos Island). The Islands offer a perfect mix of charm, culture, and beautiful views.

Professional Questions

What attracted you most to Nave Newell?

Oh, my first impression was that everybody was having way too much fun! At the same time, the professionalism and team environment were also a big selling point.

I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of amazing and talented people over the years.

What advice would you give a candidate who’s looking to join Nave Newell?

Honestly, I always highlight the team environment when interviewing candidates. Everyone at Nave Newell is always willing to assist regardless of their position.

I would tell them:

  • Take every opportunity to learn and grow from others.
  • Every mistake is an opportunity.  Take feedback graciously.
  • Try and find your niche, become an expert.

What are your goals for the next year?

Evaluate our business model to continue to find ways for the company to grow and be even more successful!