Landscape Design – No Fail Perennials

Perennials are the foundation of any commercial landscape design or residential garden. They are reliable, beautiful, and come back bigger and better each year.

Our landscape architects have selected a few of their favorite no fail perennials just for you.

Coreopsis – Our top pick!


There are so many reasons to put these in your landscape design.

  • First, they are hardy – anyone can grow and maintain them.
  • There are so many color options (yellow, orange, rose, lavender, white, and even bi-colored flowers).
  • Last, they provide a long floral display with a big initial bloom and then continual blooming throughout the growing season.


Landscape Design Tips - No Fail Perennials - Purple Coneflower

Coneflowers are easy to find at your local garden center.

  • They are great perennials because they are very weather tolerant.
  • They also come in various shades of red, orange, pink, and yellow and they bloom for months.
  • An added bonus – coneflowers make great cut flowers.


Daylilies with moonbeam coreopsis and hydrangea in the background

You see them everywhere and for good reason.

  • They come in variety of colors including yellow, orange and even a reddish-orange and they work well in mixed perennial plantings. Which simply means you can mix them with daffodils and iris to have a constant wave of color and complimentary foliage.  

Gloriosa and Shasta Daisies

Gloriosa Daisies (Black Eyed Susan)

Daisies are another easy to find and reliable perennial.

  • They are deer resistant and have an extended floral display. If the Gloriosa (Black Eyed Susan) doesn’t complement your existing landscape – you can’t go wrong with the Shasta daisies.
Shasta Daisies

Finally, if you are looking for a later bloom that carries into the fall, these two are great choices. They bloom at the end of the summer, but have nice foliage now.

New York and Aromatic Asters

  • These asters bloom late into the fall and add light purple flowers to your landscape.

Autumn Joy Stonecrop

Autumn Joy Stonecrop
  • The Autumn Joy Stonecrop have great foliage now. In the fall, the blooms go from pink to rust red.

Ready to take on a new landscape design? Now is a great time. Local garden centers and nurseries are full of these perennials and many more. Happy planting!

Need help? To learn more about Nave Newell’s landscape design services or meet with one of our landscape architects, contact us.

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