Our Intern, Liam!

Liam McLaughlin, Summer Intern

We are excited to introduce Liam McLaughlin, our summer intern! Liam will be a Junior at the University of Pittsburgh, where he is majoring in Environmental Engineering. In fact, Liam just returned from a semester abroad in Sydney, Australia.

We had a feeling he had recently traveled when he called our parking lot the “car park!” Liam also shared that he really enjoyed his “The Art of Making” class, where he explored his passion for problem-solving, as well as physics and mathematics.

Liam currently resides in Springfield with his parents, and younger brother, along with their adorable miniature Pincher/Chihuahua mix named, Reina!

Liam enjoys thrifting, playing soccer, and making balloon animals! He is also a proud board member of “Kick It For JDRF,” which is a student-organized soccer tournament that fundraises for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Liam kindly shared with us the reason why he got involved, stating; “My friend, Jake, has Juvenile Diabetes and enlisted me to help create a way to fundraise for JDRF. We both grew up playing soccer together, so we thought there was no better way than to host a soccer tournament that all of our friends could play in. The tournament ended up growing from just kids in our age group to K-12, over the seven years we ran the tournament (we also had a mom game!!!).”

Liam also participated in the ACE Mentor Program where he worked with architects, engineers, and contractors on mock design challenges within the Greater Philadelphia area. This experience provided Liam with a better understanding of possible career opportunities. Although, we are hoping to convince him that a land development engineer is the way to go!

Liam is an awesome addition to Nave Newell. We already wish he could be with us longer than the summer!

Please join us in welcoming Liam to Nave Newell!

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