Winter Internship Wonderland!

Nave Newell is delighted to introduce and extend heartfelt thanks to Mackenzie Howell, our exceptional winter intern hailing from the esteemed Landscape Architecture Program at the University of Delaware. Joining us over her winter break, Mackenzie has seamlessly integrated into our team in the Land Planning Department. Her willingness to take on challenges, coupled with a proactive approach, has already had a positive impact on our projects.

Currently residing with her parents, Denny and Natalie Howell, and her older brother, Denny Howell III, Mackenzie shares her cozy home with two lovable labradors, George and Henry—undoubtedly the real stars of the Howell household. Along with Mackenzie’s personal shadow, her French Bulldog, Henry.

Beyond her dynamic family life, Mackenzie brings a variety of incredible hidden talents to the table, including motorbiking, drawing, and traveling to the Bahamas.  Her passion for motorbiking not only showcases a spirit of adventure but also underscores a commitment to resilience and adaptability—qualities essential in navigating the complexities of our industry. In addition, Mackenzie’s artistry in drawing suggests a creative aptitude that aligns seamlessly with the innovative design aspects of Landscape Architecture.

However, Mackenzie’s sense of adventure extends far beyond the racetracks and open canvases; she has also ventured to the breathtaking Bahamas, soaking in the sun and the vibrant culture. Her travel experiences contribute to her open-minded and globally aware perspective, enriching our collaborative atmosphere. Although, what might surprise you most is Mackenzie’s dream job: to work as a landscape architect right here at our company. Her passion for shaping outdoor spaces aligns seamlessly with our mission, and we’re thrilled to be a part of Mackenzie’s professional journey.

Mackenzie has also demonstrated a genuine passion for landscape architecture throughout her academic journey. Previously, Mackenzie worked as a Civil Designer, where she learned at an early stage that she was extremely interested in the Land Development process. However, she goes on to explain, “I wanted my involvement to be a bit more creative, and so I was introduced to Landscape Architecture.” Mackenzie’s commitment to the field and enthusiasm for creating sustainable and aesthetically pleasing environments align perfectly with our values. Although, aside from the information gained during her core classes, Mackenzie also expressed that college has taught her the importance of collaboration and teamwork.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mackenzie, who graciously sacrificed her winter break to join us in building and creating within our Land Planning Department. Mackenzie, we extend our sincere thanks for your dedication and enthusiasm. As you embark on the remainder of your senior year in the Landscape Architecture Program at the University of Delaware, we wish you the very best in all your endeavors!

We eagerly anticipate your return to your cube and look forward to witnessing the incredible contributions we know lie ahead in your promising career. Cheers to a fruitful collaboration and a bright future ahead!

Thank you again Mackenzie, and good luck on your journey, but you are always welcome back to Nave Newell!

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