Land Planners & Landscape Architects

Meet Our Land Planners and Landscape Architects

They leverage the perfect balance of art and science. They create a site plan that achieves the highest and best land use for your land, while thoughtfully placing amenities to create an attractive environment and improve quality of life.

Together, they work closely with our clients and civil engineers to incorporate a well-planned and inspired landscape and hardscape into the site design. In doing so, they create places and spaces that are both environmentally sustainable and enhance the value of the existing community fabric.

They are the talented professionals who make up our land planning and landscape architecture department:

Paul Lepard, RLA, PP

Principal, Land Planning and Landscape Architecture

What is your expertise?

Zoning and Land Use

Years at Nave Newell: 23

Fun fact: I have a passion for Civil War history, brewing beer, cooking/grilling, and gardening. 

Why did you get into this field?

Landscape architecture and planning is a wonderful marriage of both Art and Science, a challenge to both the right and left-side of your brain.

Jared Lowman, RLA

Project Manager, Land Planning and Landscape Architecture

What is your expertise?

Ordinances and Amenity Design

Years at Nave Newell: 6

Fun fact: Ran my first half marathon prior to the pandemic. Goal is to run another this fall and eventually a marathon.

Why did you get into this field?

I combined my early passions for art and the outdoors. My main goal is to help improve the quality of life within our communities. The most satisfying part of the job is seeing the final product!

Brian Kelly

Landscape Designer

What is your expertise?

Spatial Analysis and Design

Years at Nave Newell: 5

Fun fact: Brought home a quarantine puppy that will be one in July.

Why did you get into this field?

I got into this field by following my older brother’s footsteps with a small deviation. He is an architect and when I went on a college visit to Penn State, I checked out the architecture school. I was aware of the program, but wouldn’t say it was my sole focus. When I left my visit, I was impressed with what it had to offer and decided to take the plunge into landscape architecture!

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