My Journey from the Family Business to Nave Newell

Growing up in a family-owned company, Turpin Landscape Design Build, I was immersed in the world of construction from a young age. By age 10, I was operating excavators and track loaders. In college, I was managing pool projects, overseeing everything from the initial planning to final execution. This environment provided me with hands-on experience and a practical understanding of the design build process. Working closely with family members, I learned the importance of communication, collaboration, and attention to detail.

While I loved working with my family and cherished the time spent on construction sites, I also had a strong desire to branch out on my own and expand my education. This drive led me to Penn State to study civil engineering. My time there equipped me with a deep understanding of engineering principles and technical skills, setting the stage for my transition into a more design-focused role in the industry.

While on school breaks, I continued to work on pool projects and Nave Newell was preparing the design plans for us. One day, I went to Greg and Kathy Newell’s home to check on the installation of our waterfall/landscape project. Kathy Newell noticed the Penn State hat I was wearing and asked me if I went there (also her alma mater). We started talking about school and when I mentioned I was going for civil engineering, she suggested I reach out to Greg. That conversation began a mentoring relationship that has landed me here.

At Nave Newell, I help create designs for pool projects with a specific focus on stormwater management. For me, the work is complex and also a rewarding challenge. Going into a project, my focus must be on figuring out the placement of the pool (usually in a tight area), adhering to very specific township ordinance criteria, and always trying to keep the design true to what the client wants. As I have only been here just over a year, it’s still a lot to wrap my head around. In the field, it was easy because I have been around the work my whole life – just make what’s on the paper plan.

My journey from working in my family’s company to my role at Nave Newell has been one of growth and learning. Understanding the entire design process is very rewarding and I’m thrilled to be able to continue supporting my family’s business by providing them high-quality designs. Integrating engineering solutions with imaginative design helps us create beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces which delight our clients as well as respect the natural landscape. With a full understanding of the construction part of these projects, it has been a great first year on the other side of the plans.