New Digs.

Well, it’s official; we’re finally moved into our new office building.  Of course, having been in here for just over a week, there are still some finishing touches to be taken care of and we may be a little loopy from all of the paint fumes. Despite that, we are quickly getting back to business and very excited about our new home. As I reflect back on this journey and put on my “clients cap” (as my staff often hear me say), issues such asspeed, uncertainty and financing really stood out to me. 

Speed & Uncertainty.  Let’s face it; every project is a rush – no matter how well it’s planned.  Clearly, it’s imperative that the design and construction team constantly look for ways to shorten the process, even if it’s only a day here or there, so the owner/developer has time to react to the unexpected.  As I found out, this is especially important on redevelopment projects, where there is always something behind the walls or underground that we didn’t know was there.

Financing.  It also became very clear to me that a successful project requires strong planning and budgeting upfront, when the financing is locked in place. There was no “going back to the well” later.  We had to anticipate all possible expenses during due diligence, because surprises (and there are always some) would be coming out of my pocket. 

The process has been a wonderful learning experience for me and my staff and has certainly enabled us to better understand key issues our clients face on a daily basis.  Here’s a sneak peek at the transformation of Nave Newell’s new office. 

BEFORE – Lobby – Prior to the renovation:

  AFTER – Today: 

Not too shabby!

By Gregory C. Newell, PE

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