Flooded Street of Des Plains City. Spring River Flood. Des Plains, IL, USA. Nature Disasters Photo Collection.

New Flood Insurance Rate Maps Coming to Montco

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has released new Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) for Montgomery County, PA that will go into effect March 2, 2016. The changes utilize the latest technology and data to identify areas with flood risks.

What does this mean?

You may now:

  • Be required to obtain flood insurance
  • No longer need to carry flood insurance
  • Have limited development potential on your property

If you’ve received a letter from your municipality or you think your property may be impacted, we can review the new mapping and property location to quickly determine if we are able to assist you.

By identifying the base flood elevation and completing and Elevation Certificate and Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA), our surveyors and engineers can possibly secure an official determination from FEMA that your home is not in the floodplain and help you avoid a very high recurring annual insurance fee.

In some cases, an unstudied floodplain has no base flood elevation and more effort is required.

How do I find out if my house is in a floodplain?

Check out FEMA.gov or your municipality’s website and contact our in-house FEMA/Floodplain Expert, Paige Maz at 610.265.8323 or [email protected] for more information.

If a floodplain determination study is completed with several properties in your community, we can gain some efficiency and offer a cost savings.

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