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New Project: Manufacturing Facility Expansion in Pottstown Borough

Nave Newell is excited to be part of this manufacturing facility expansion project for Pottstown-based, Precision Polymer Products, Inc. As a manufacturer of rubber and silicon, Precision Polymer serves the medical, automotive, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries. The resulting expansion will triple the size of their Queen Street facility. It will also allow them to add 50 new jobs within the Borough of Pottstown, Montgomery County, PA.

Pottstown Borough Zoning Ordinance Amendment

The initial steps for this project included an amendment to the zoning ordinance. The recently-passed zoning amendment creates a business overlay district to transition land uses between the Traditional Town Neighborhood and the Heavy Manufacturing District. The amendment was necessary to allow this project to proceed. This effort led by the Borough and the Pottstown Area Economic Development (PAED), paves the way for more business-oriented redevelopments and more jobs. Nave Newell planners shared their land use and zoning expertise and supported the evaluation and ordinance preparation.

Proposed Manufacturing Facility Expansion

The proposed development includes a 14,700 sf expansion of the current manufacturing facility along with associated parking lot improvements, stormwater management, landscaping, and lighting. 

3D rendering of the proposed expansion of Precision Polymer Products, Inc. in Pottstown Borough
3D rendering of the proposed expansion of Precision Polymer Products, Inc. in Pottstown Borough

To date, the project has received Conditional Use approval from the Pottstown Borough Council and our team of planners and civil engineers are currently in the process of obtaining the remaining Land Development entitlements for the project.

We thrilled for our current clients and excited for future redevelopment opportunities in Pottstown!

In the News

Read more about the project in The Mercury.

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