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Podcast: Trends, Technology, and Teamwork

Episode 3 with Chelsea Bellay and Matt Kelly

In our latest podcast, Chelsea Bellay, catches up with Principal and Survey Department Manager, Matt Kelly.

During their Friday afternoon chat, Chelsea and Matt talk about how technology and teamwork play an important role in the success of land development and construction projects.

Listen to learn:

  • What drives the constantly changing technology of our industry?
  • Why it’s so important to stay on top of the trends.
  • Which technology has had the biggest impact since GPS?
  • Why teamwork is so important between disciplines.
  • What successful teamwork looks like between a client and a consultant?

It’s both an informative and entertaining discussion. Read to listen? Start the podcast.

AskAnExpert Podcast
Episode 3
Trends, Technology, and Teamwork
with Chelsea Bellay and Matt Kelly

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