Renderings: Why They’re Important for Real Estate Development Projects

For real estate development projects, renderings provide a ‘snapshot’ of the finished site. They bring the plan to life and make it easier for others to visualize the end result – much easier than an architectural drawing or engineering plan. Detailed, 3D renderings can even illustrate shadows, topography, landscape, seasons, and people using the site.

They play an important role in all stages of the development process from determining the yield and best use of the site to securing a tenant or selling the property.

4 reasons why renderings are important for real estate development:

Renderings start a dialog between the client and the designers.

  • A developer or property owner has a vision for their project. Renderings help guide the discussion to connect the owner’s vision with what is possible from a land planning and engineering perspective.

Renderings facilitate integrated design.

  • With the architect’s Revit or SketchUp model, civil engineers and landscape architects can utilize SketchUp and V-Ray software to incorporate site elements and landscaping for a cohesive design.

Renderings help gain project acceptance.

  • Graphics can make the difference in how quickly you secure land development approvals. Renderings help the neighbors and municipal officials visualize how the project fits into their community and what impacts it may have on them.

Renderings help market a project.

  • Whether it’s a multifamily building or a retail pad site, renderings generate interest and can help secure a lease from a tenant or an agreement of sale from a buyer.

How we can help you?

Different projects require different degrees of detail and visualization. Here’s a look at Nave Newell’s capabilities and the importance of each:

  • 2D Renderings created with Adobe Photoshop are the most standard to scale rendering and are typically used in municipal meetings to gain official and community approval.
  • SketchUp takes the 2D rendering a step further and allows for a quick 3D visualization of a concept. Any view of the design is possible even a walk through.
  • V-Ray is a Plugin for SketchUp that takes the 3D visualization and renders detailed scenes like this one below.

For real estate development projects, renderings provide a ‘snapshot’ of the finished site. They can be a powerful tool to help stakeholders understand the design, market a new project, gain buy-in from a larger audience, and generate excitement. Also, they help make the client’s vision a reality.

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