Start Your Garden Now – Indoors

Our landscape architects have many wonderful planting and gardening tips. However, the idea that we can get a jump start on spring might be the best tip yet!

A really nice advantage to starting your seeds indoors is that you are able to get different varieties of your favorite plants that you won’t find for sale as plants in stores.

Another benefit to indoor gardening? Many of our flowers and vegetables have their origin in warm climates such as Mexico and Central America where the growing season is longer and they get more sunlight hours than in the United States. Starting them indoors gives them a much better chance of flourishing.

So let’s get started. You’ll want to blend your own seed starting soilless medium. To do this you’ll use equal parts of soilless peat mossvermiculite and perlite to hold enough water and to allow oxygen flow. If you want a really easy way to get started, just pick up a prepackaged seed-starting mix at your local gardening store.

DO NOT use potting soil.

Additionally, you’ll need:

  • Containers
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Light
  • Warmth
  • Water
  • Attention
  • And of course seeds

Next, plant seeds as directed on the packet. Make sure the medium is moist. Sow seeds and cover containers with plastic wrap. Polk holes in the wrap for air circulation. Water as directed.

Find a place in your kitchen or house where there is natural bottom heat. A couple good places are on top of the refrigerator or near the oven.

Once the seedlings emerge, remove the plastic wrap and place them into bright natural light.

When the seedlings get their second leaves you can transplant them into pots that have a more compost based soil medium. Keep them out of direct light for a couple days until they acclimatize to the new soil.

Lastly, don’t forget to check the number of days to maturity on the seed packet to make sure your seedlings/plants will be ready to go out to the garden after the last frost date, around April 17th in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

Best of all, by the time spring rolls around you’ll have a head start on your garden!

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