Stormwater Management

In today's world, stormwater management is a huge issue. At Nave Newell, it is what we focus on every day. We regularly meet with legislators and DEP officials to discuss the impact of stormwater regulations and work closely with them to develop practical design criteria. When we are not doing this, we are helping our clients to find funding and develop sustainable solutions.

NPDES Permitting Expertise

Our professional engineers have an intimate understanding of the NPDES regulations and are recognized for applying their knowledge to develop innovative solutions that get your project approved while minimizing the financial impact. Greg Newell has made a personal commitment to bridge the gap between the goals of the DEP and the economics of developers. He is currently Chairman of the Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) Stormwater Task Force and Chapter 102 Legislative Reform Task Force. Greg also represents PBA on DEP's Stormwater Management Offsetting work group.

Green Infrastructure/BMPs

Managing stormwater with green infrastructure that is both innovative and cost-effective is a way to meet regulatory guidelines while also protecting water quality in our local streams. At Nave Newell, our civil engineers and landscape architects work together to design aesthetically pleasing site amenities through the use of sustainable and restoration BMPs.

Examples include:

  • Rain Garden, Stormwater Planter, Bioretention
  • Wet Pond, Retention Basin, Constructed Wetland
  • Porous Pavement with Subsurface Infiltration Bed
  • Vegetated Filter Strips and Swales
  • Infiltration Berm and Retentive Grading
  • Vegetated, Green or Eco Roof
  • Runoff Capture and Reuse
  • Riparian Buffer Establishment Restoration and Protection
  • Soils Amendment and Restoration

Stormwater Construction

Our work continues during construction to provide:

  • As-built survey of stormwater management basins and rain gardens
  • Volume calculations to compare design vs. constructed
  • Certification of oversight during critical stages of construction by a licensed professional
  • NOT Record Drawing Certifications
  • Post Construction Stormwater Record Drawings

    Completing these steps is critical because recent regulatory changes have shifted more focus to the long-term maintenance of stormwater management facilities. An improperly installed system can lead to huge headaches.


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