UPDATE on Landscapes3 – Chester County’s New Comprehensive Plan

1/22/19 UPDATE: It’s Official: Commissioners Adopt Landscapes3.

Older Post from 6/6/18: Back in April, we gave an overview of the new comprehensive plan (Landscapes3) coming to Chester County. Since then we attended a meeting led by Brian O’Leary, Executive Director of the Chester County Planning Commission (CPCC) and wanted to update everyone on the development of Landscapes3.

The CCPC anticipates a population increase of 146,000 people by 2045 as well as 55,000 more homes and 80,000 more jobs.  Therefore, this plan update is required to provide guidance for municipalities on growth and preservation, guide government actions and provide assistance on issues that transcend municipal boundaries.

What Are the Key Issues?

Challenges facing Chester County include:

  • How to best acquire and manage open space
  • Transportation
  • Stream impairment
  • Zoning Flexibility

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