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Why You Should Hire a Land Planning Professional First

Planning is essential to understand what you can and cannot do with your land. Therefore, every land development project should begin with a strong plan – a plan that is creative, buildable, and environmentally sensitive. But who is the best person to prepare that plan? While some developers may go to their architect or engineer, you should hire a professional land planner first.

Why land planners?

Land planners are creative individuals who have a strong understanding of local ordinances, municipal regulations, and the land development process. They take a comprehensive look at the project to identify potential design opportunities and constraints. Then, they combine the client’s vision, with this art and science to prepare a plan that achieves the highest and best land use.

The value of a professional land plan

For many developers there is a desire to minimize upfront cost during due diligence. While we get the reluctance to spend money, it almost always pays off to make a small investment in a detailed, high-quality sketch or land plan over a quick yield sketch. The goal is to understand your achievable yield as quickly as possible to structure your deal. Omitting the expertise of a professional planner from this step can result in an unrealistic plan with unachievable yield assumptions, permitting and design issues, increased engineering costs and delays. Ultimately, costing much more in the long run.  Start with a professional plan to get on the path to a successful project.

Collaboration with other disciplines

Our land planners strategically create a master plan that achieves the highest and best land use for your vision. They work in conjunction with our civil engineers and landscape architects to ensure that the site design is supported by strong planning principles and sound engineering fundamentals. At Nave Newell our planners support the project all the way through the land development process by creating supplemental site plans, exhibits, and renderings to help gain community support and municipal approval.

Benefits of hiring a professional land planner

In the end, a professional plan:

  • Helps you better understand your asset.
  • Ensures fair market value for both the buyer and seller.
  • Reduces risk.
  • Makes it easier and faster to get deals done – whether developing, buying or selling.

We can help with this now. Contact our land planning department to get started.

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