Liam's Last Week!

Wrapping Up an Incredible Internship!

Nave Newell bid a fun-filled farewell to our summer intern, Liam McLaughlin. It was an honor to have Liam work as a part of our team, and we want to thank him for being a fantastic and upbeat intern. Liam showed creativity, determination, and the drive necessary to make it in this industry. We found Liam’s work ethic and endless curiosity to be very refreshing, not to mention his enormous help across all departments, with a positive attitude!

So, in true Nave Newell fashion, we left Liam with a lasting impression of his time here with us!

We also invited Liam to elaborate on his visit with us:

Liam’s Last Day Q&A

How would you describe this internship experience to others, and what was most rewarding?

“The internship experience was diverse, focused and insightful. I was able to work directly on a variety of projects that were at varying stages of completion and subject matter. I felt the most rewarded when I was able to implement skills I’d learned through CAD or knowledge I’d gained from talking to coworkers about my assignments.”

Tell us about the strong points of your internship experience:

“The internship experience was at its best when I was exposed to something new. Whether it be gaining a new skill in AutoCAD or joining my coworkers on a site visit, I thoroughly enjoyed the potential for learning offered by Nave Newell.”

If you could describe the company culture in three (3) words, what would they be?

“The company culture is inviting and collaborative. I was able to work closely with over half of my coworkers during my short time here and every one of them was patient, insightful, and compassionate when assisting me.”

What is the greatest lesson you have learned this summer?

“Being a civil engineer means way more than having a solid understanding of advanced math and drawn-out equations. I’ve discovered how involved engineers are in the legal process, in site evaluation, and many more facets of the construction process that I had never been privy to before interning here.”

What do you believe the next step is in your career path, and how can we help you get there?

“The next step is continuing to gain a diverse understanding of what civil engineering can offer me in the future. Nave Newell has provided me with a strong skillset to explore new opportunities early in my engineering career. The people I have met here will be connections I hold onto throughout my career.”

Thank you again Liam, and good luck on your journey, but you are always welcome back to Nave Newell!

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